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Welcome to our House of hospo, food & bev

Stanley House Studios is full of enthusiastic foodies and industry connectors, with a valuable network and comprehensive black book. Our core team of 20 includes the best high level strategists and creatives, savvy food & bev experts, creators, and vibe-makers who always have their finger on the pulse.

We’ve been opening doors and creating conversations for food, bev and hotel brands for over 15 years.

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Meet the Directors

15+ years opening doors and creating conversations

Meet our directors David Wasserman and George Redmond, the brains behind Stanley House Studios - a strategic agency that knows how to get brands noticed. David is a food and wine enthusiast with over 20 years of industry connections, and George is the detail-oriented, strategic mastermind who can connect brands with any audience. Together, they've built a reputation for creating buzz and driving business growth like no one else in the game. So if you want to make your brand the talk of the town, call Stanley House Studios - and let's get this party started!

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A house of many talents

Social, strategic, bright and brilliant, our team always bring the vibes.

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Are you a vibe-maker, content creator or just love creating connections? Let's chat.

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Account Director

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Account Director

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Senior Account Manager

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Senior Account Manager